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The great interview of geopolitician Luc MICHEL
by Jan Vanzeebroeck and Samar Radwan (Beirut) …
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2018 03 04/


Part I
The jihadist « dormant cells » facing European intelligence:
What « anti-terrorist struggle » in Western Europe and how did NATO and the EU lose the game of the « Devil’s Scenario »?

Part II
After « Londonistan » and « Belgistan »:
Immigration has become a major issue in Western European politics

Part III
The Balkans, the soft belly of Europe: the future danger of the « Balkan dormant cells »


An interview with Jan VANZEEBROECK (EODE Expert and correspondent of SITA INSTITUTE) and Samar RADWAN (SITA, Beirut).

* SITA / Question:

The trial of Salam Abdeslam is a blow for nothing, a trial where one has mainly raised judicial quibbles; but it is also as I call it a « big media mass » which is there to amuse the public, to create the myth of this « uncontrolled terrorism » and at the same time to make believe that the Western European States or the States NATO is fighting it.

The trial did not yield much, since the principal accused chose to remain silent, it is his right. The most interesting was the pass with the defense lawyer, Me Sven Mary, who actually raised in Belgian law irregularities that could lead to cancellation. There will surely be a great fight in the Court of Appeal and especially in the Court of Cassation. And there was especially a passing of arms between the lawyer and the Secretary of State for the Interior and Immigration, who criticized this lawyer for doing his job in defending his client.

More interesting was two years ago the trial of one of the great provider of jihadist sectors of the European Union to Syria and Iraq, that of Denis Lejeune said « the soumi ». The trial had been interesting because there the defense lawyers had raised a number of important points about the gray areas of these terrorist cases, including the absence among the accused of undercover agents of the Security of the Belgian state, which bore a heavy responsibility in sending jihadists to the Levant. There was, among other things, an undercover state security agent, who was not being summoned, who was under cover, and who accompanied the jihadists to Turkey at Zaventem airport. At that time, the defense lawyer revealed that this undercover agent was also the last person who met Mohammed Merah the day before the incidents that led to his execution.

* SITA / Question:

In the midst of all this there is of course the fundamental difference that must be made between the American-Western war of « terrorism » and the war « against terrorism ». The war on terror, it was launched at the time by Bush II, it’s a great theater, a comedy, the goal is not to annihilate terrorists, it is to use them in the service of the great American geopolitics. Terrorism is today, see the cases of Syria or Iraq, but also and especially of Africa, a pretext for Western interference, the interference of Western armies, the neutralization of the African army .

He has behind all this obviously, in Europe in any case, the question of what has been called « jihadists from the European Union ». It was raised in Syria in 2013 and 2014. This is a problem that I know well since in June 2013 I organized the first parliamentary mission from the European Union since the beginning of the war in Syria. were Flemish parliamentarians, regional and federal parliaments of Belgium. And we went to Damascus, to see the question that was beginning to arise from these « jihadists from the European Union ». Many had been arrested during the great battle of Quseir on the Lebanese border. We had also at the time, we have not spoken about it since but it was a real problem, arrested by NATO officers, especially Belgian and Dutch in Quseir. The Lebanese press talked about it. Then no one knows what they have become … In 2013 we had met the Syrian anti-terrorist services and we were able to talk to each other in the eyes with jihadists from the European Union precisely, especially from Spain from France, but also from the Russian Caucasus and Uzbekistan. When we returned to Belgium, our parliamentarians notably gave big TV shows in the Flemish and Dutch TVs. They denounced what we were announcing, what I was already announcing in June 2013, that is to say the threat of jihadists from the European Union, for whom the problem was not that they had gone into Syria or Iraq to fight, but they would return to Brussels, Paris, London or Berlin.

We preached in a deafening silence and of course nothing was done, at the time the secret services of NATO besides collaborated always with the secret services Turkish, American, Qatari and Saudi, for precisely the sending of these jihadists in Syria. I had personally raised this question at a Syrian Parliament Conference and asked the question, saying that « everything was ready for the return of these people and that a catastrophe was It was not a question of whether it was going to happen, but when it would take place … Nothing was done!
We returned for the third time in November 2014 in Damascus for the big conference organized by the Syrian Ministry of Justice on the theme of « terrorism and religious extremism », which the Syrian and Iranian call « takfirism » and which we call of a term, which sometimes shocked the Muslims but which is speaking in Europe, that of « jihadism », a term which is here assimilated to this Takfirist terrorism. In November 2014, we spoke again, including raising the issue of a « European 11/11 future » in the forum of this conference! This happened much later in 2015 with the Charlie Hebdo affair, the various attacks that bloodied Belgium, France, Great Britain and Germany. Again we have not been heard!

We were able to meet the people of the Damascus Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office, and this is something totally hidden in Europe, but the Syrian state is a state of law and it is an extremely powerful state. and structured. They are not « militias fighting other militias », there is an Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office that fights terrorism on the basis of the anti-terrorist laws of the Syrian state, and in extremely regular trials. We were able to meet an exceptional young woman, the young prosecutor, who seems to be coming straight out of an American television series, who runs the prosecutor’s office, and we were able to attend hearings where terrorists’ accomplices were judged …

* SITA / Question:

In the middle of all this, are there dormant cells in Europe?
Of course, yes! All the cases that break out see new cells discovered, see that all the subtle work carried out by the secret services and the European security services does not lead to much. When he does not reveal besides that complicities exist, that there are attempts of the infiltrated agents, that there are attempts of controls. The Europeans believed that they could master the jihadist phenomenon, they thought themselves more intelligent than everyone else, it was not the case!

In the case of Daesh, it is necessary to read the book of Samuel Laurent, called « The Islamic State », to understand that it was a highly structured de facto state, with its army, its military advisers, its intelligence services education, its tax collectors. But above all insists the auteu, his extremely well-structured secret services, which on several occasions have even infiltrated the European secret services. When there was the case in January 2015 in Paris attacks Bataclan, then the hyperkasher – and again the press has released an article and then we heard more about it – we have discovered that one of the jihadists was living with a chief warrant officer of the French Gendarmerie, who was working precisely at the French Intelligence Service Center near Versailles. At the time, there was an article in some French newspapers, a dispatch from AFP, only the Algerian press reprized at the time the articles and analyzes that I had devoted to this subject …

Last subject when talking about dormant cells, I also raised it during my third visit in November 2014 in Syria, it is the question of women and girls parties doing what is called in Europe the « jihad by marriage « or » jihad by sex « . Or simply those who have gone to join their companions or their husbands. This is a big question right now, since their families have the gall to ask the Belgian and French states to help repatriate them, while they have been there to help commit war crimes and crimes. crimes against humanity. And that they must in all fairness be condemned in Syria by the courts of the Syrian state, according to the Syrian laws. It’s a bit too easy to repatriate. I raised this issue of women because they have had little involvement in European terrorism, but we have the example of Wahhabi terrorism or jihadism in the Russian Caucasus. And there are all these women, especially in recent attacks in Moscow or Volgograd (in 2015) and well, who committed these attacks. They are often women of the European, Islamized type. that nothing can recognize in a crowd when they are dressed in the European. They are an extremely powerful danger for all European states, this will be the next step in this jihadist terrorist cancer that is eating away at the European Union.

* SITA / Question:

This European Union, which with the Americans and the NATO countries, tried what I called « the devil’s scenario », that is to say that they believed that they could exploit terrorism jihadist to serve their geopolitical interests. But as the old French proverb says « to have dinner with the devil, you have to take a long spoon or you burn your fingers », today the European powers, the European secret services, have burned not the fingers but the arm and elbow!

* SITA / Question:

Your question about a « Brusselstan » is exact, but not exact in the wording. There is behind all this the example of what has been called « Londonistan », that is, in the 1980s, that is at the beginning of the Western engagement, where the Canadians and the British played a big role near the Americans, against the Soviets and the People’s Republic of Afghanistan, in this war of Afghanistan which saw the alignment of jihadism with a certain Bin Laden, the Pakistani Wahhabis, Saudi, etc. with the Westerners to defeat the Soviets. London was then turned into the capital of Islamism, the backbone of jihadism. This is exactly what a British author in a resounding book called « Londonistan ». This « Londonistan », it existed from the years 1980 to the years 2002-200, when obviously after the attacks of September 11, the British at the instigation of the Bush II regime changed their way of seeing. Change is very cosmetic, since all radical Islamist structures have remained in place, radicalized mosques, teaching centers. And because the collaboration with the jihadists continued behind a facade of « fight against terrorism » once more. It continued in particular, as the attack in Birmingham, the Libyan Islamists in fight against Gaddafi. It continued as soon as the so-called « Arab Spring » was prepared, since the jihadists were mobilized against all secular, Arab nationalist regimes, including Tunisian, Egyptian, Algerian, Libyan, and also especially against Syria. ba’athist.

So this London has inspired further analysis on the existence of similar back bases and Belgium plays a leading role in all of this. Not with a so-called « Brusselstan », but with three cities, which are the basis of jihadism not only Belgian but West European. These are to start the cities of Verviers, Charleroi. Verviers and Charleroi are two large ex-industrial cities in Wallonia, which have been ruined by globalization, where there is a very high rate of both immigration and unemployment. The third center of course, which is now known worldwide, is the famous municipality of Molenbeek, one of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital region, Molenbeek which is truly the epicenter of Belgian and West European jihadism. , with relays including the attentas that took place in Paris in 2015.


This can be explained for two reasons.
First of all because at the beginning of the nineties, when the immigration of Arab origin was sending integration to Belgium, and these Arabs became citizens like the others, we have for reasons, which are financial and probably related to the great corruption that is typical of the life of the major Belgian political parties, entrusted the Mosques of Belgium to Saudi Arabia. That is to say, the foxes were asked to keep the chickens, the Saudis brought Wahhabi imams, began to develop their radical ideology. Who, let us remember, is the ideological matrix of all jihadisms, be they those of Al-Qaida, Bin Laden or Daesh. Behind all that is the big mistake of Belgium. In 2018, we are only trying to put an end to it, since at the end of a great scandal which is particularly linked to the arrival of terrorism in Western Europe, Saudi Arabia is preparing to hand over the management of its mosques to Belgium. Who does not know it must be said, let’s talk honestly, what to do! See also the similar mistakes of the regime of Sarkozy and Holland, who have entrusted the Mosques of the Paris suburbs and Marseille to Qatar, another Wahhabi power, another sponsor of terrorism.

There is a second thing that obviously explains the development of this radical Islam, it is the links existing between the Belgian Christian Democracy, the German Christian Democracy and the AKP, that is to say the conservative Islamists who are the third sponsor of terrorism, those of Erdogan in Turkey. For more than 15 years there have been close links between Christian Democracy, that is to say, Catholic conservatism, and Erdogan’s AKP, that is Muslim conservatism. The AKP has even obtained an observer status within the famous European People’s Party, which is the transnational structure, particularly at the level of the European Parliament, which unites all the parties of Christian democracy. Why Belgium but also Germany? Simply because these are two countries where Christian Democracy is powerful or has been. In Belgium, she was the main force of government since the 30s until the 2010 elections, where she took an electoral jacket. And so structures, relays exist. The Turkish communities have been left to be taken over by Erdogan’s AKP and their accomplices, which is a far-right Turkish organization, called the « gray wolves », which are a mixture of ultra-nationalism and Islamic conservatism.

The Turkish community in Belgium, which was even more assimilated than the Moroccan community, began to form ghettos. There is also a weight in Belgium and Germany, which is obviously that of Turkish immigration. A commune like Saint-Josse, which is one of the 19 communes of Brussels-Capital, has a burgomaster of Turkish origin and has even had a minister in the Brussels-based government of social-democratic origin called Emir Kir. The « gray wolves », the AKP are at home in Belgium, Erdogan could even organize meetings, manipulate the population. Erdogan’s AKP, moreover, was able to develop contacts not only with Christian democracy, but as I explained to you with the Belgian social democracy, that of the PS or the SP.

That’s why today, of course, in Verviers, Charleroi or Molenbeek we can not talk about a « Brusselstan » but a « Belgistan », Belgistan is also the name of Belgium in Turkish …

* SITA / Question:

The question of the Dublin Convention, which was concluded in 1990, and which was replaced in 2003 by the so-called « Dublin II », is a convention which aims to organize the Convention of the European Geneva on refugees. From 2003 it was extended not only to the countries of the European Union, and of course to that part of the EU which forms a hard core security and is what is called the Shengen Space, but it has It has also been extended to countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland, Finland or Norway.

What is the Dublin II principle? Or Dublin 1990? It is that the refugee makes his request to be accepted as a political refugee in only one country and that this country is that of his arrival. That’s why Shengen, for example, insists particularly, even for short visit visas or 3-month tourism, so that when you get a Shengen visa your arrival is done well in the country in the country that granted it. . I had the opportunity during a trip to Kiev in the winter of 2003, which I had done by coach Euroline, to see this aspect of Shengen on the border between Germany and Austria, where we had stopped many Ukrainian travelers who were in my bus. We treated them despicably. I personally protested against a lieutenant of the German Grenzshutz Polizei, reminding him that in 1945 it was they who had lost the war and not the Soviets or Ukrainians. But these people were reproached with French Shengen visas for being on a bus to Brussels, they were disembarked and they could not resume their journey …

The renegotiation today of Dublin II is important since immigration today is a central issue in the European Union, I will explain then. And by what is obviously a wild immigration, which comes by land routes from Syria and the Middle East or by sea from Africa, from the coast mainly from Libya or Morocco. And this immigration, it is obviously still to the same countries, that is to say, mainly Spain, Greece, and even more obviously Italy, with the famous island of Lampedusa off the coast of Sicily. They can bear no more, they bear the whole load, and they are sent back to them every year for refugees who have returned there. This is the renegotiation of Dublin II.

* SITA / Question:

Yes ! But first of all, how did all this happen? It is an American operation, which is supported in particular by what are called the « legal windows of the CIA », these state agencies financed from the budget of the American state, which themselves organize a galaxy of NGOs. Also supported also by the networks of George Sorös, who took a prominent part in promoting this wild immigration to Europe. All of this, of course, is an instrument that the Americans developed on the sidelines of their wars in the Middle East and in Africa, to « break » Europe, to divide it deeply, you know that there is a fundamental internal contradiction within of the Western Bloc-Americano.

This is the « internal contradiction » of this Bloc, to speak in Marxist-Leninist terms, which explains it very well: the main geopolitical, military, and diplomatic ally of the United States, that is to say, the countries of the European Union, gathered in NATO, is also the economic and financial adversary, monetary, US! There has been a trade war between the United States and the European Union since the early 1980s and there is a huge monetary war between the dollar and the euro. On the one hand we have the supranational structures of the EU in economic and financial matters, and on the other we have the supranational structures of NATO. NATO is not the « shield of Europe », but remember, as the great geopolitician Jean Thiriart said in the 60s, « NATO is the harness of Europe », a harness is what serves to maintain a draft animal, which makes its power of work in the service of his master. That’s what NATO is for Americans, it’s the second lung of America, and we do not understand the American superpower if we do not understand that it’s based on two pillars: the North Pillar. American and precisely the second pillar of Western Europe. Review the works of the geopolitician Jean Thiriart, or the one that seems to be the negative, the « big chessboard » of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

What has obviously changed with this instrumentalisation of immigration is that immigration has become a central theme in European politics. We understand better at this time, for example, the huge clash between the billionaire George Sorös, an immense politico-media power with his fortune of 34 billion dollars. Compare that with Trump’s fortune, which weighs between $ 2 billion and $ 3 billion, Sorös once said with a sarcastic tone that « Trump was a poor man » … There is a tussle now between the country that is at the forefront in the European Union against the acceptance of immigrants, the Hungary of Victor Orban, and Sorös, this former Hungarian refugee turned American citizen, who has the center of his education system with his University of the Society open in Budapest. George Sorös is a Hungarian immigrant who fled anti-Semitic Europe in 1944.

This standoff has of course nothing to do with anti-Semitism, but everything to do with this immigration. A few days ago, France24 was interviewed by the Hungarian Minister of the Interior, accusing him of an « anti-Semitic campaign against Sorös ». France 24 did not explain that in this so-called « anti-Semitic campaign », Orban was allied with Netanyahu’s Likud, who went to Hungary to support Orban and who took exactly the Hungarian way a legislative package to prevent Soros from once again, to finance anti-Hungarian NGOs in Hungary, but to fund anti-Israeli NGOs in israel. You know that Israel is also subject to this great problem of immigration from Africa, that it deals, because the Israelis can afford everything in this area, with a xenophobic ultra-racism, that we do not would not dare to use in Europe.

Immigration has become a central theme. This theme, which was marginal, but which allowed far-right parties, including the National Front of Le Pen to emerge, was put because of this issue of wild immigration for 2 years, the heart themes of electoral campaigns, the French Presidential for example. Merkel’s campaign in Germany, despite his victory in the elections and the defeat of the Social Democrats of the SPD, to make with them a « grand coalition », where the SPD defeated in the polls is the winner in the government, because that there is the big rise of a xenophobic and racist party, which is the AFD. It is the same problem everywhere in Europe and it is this central position of immigration in the electoral debate and in the possible or probable electoral defeat of the great leaders of the West-European policy which explains you the inevitable renegotiation of Dublin II .

* SITA / Question:

The question of the fight of European countries against terrorism, which are also NATO countries, I mentioned in my first question. There is this West European aspect of the great theater that is the American war « against terrorism » and not against terrorism. I explained in a resounding broadcast on the pan-African television channel Afrique Médias that there were three presidents who were really fighting terrorism. President Putin in Russia, who has been fighting this fight since the end of the 1990s in the Caucasus, Dagestan or Chechnya and now in Syria. There is President Bashar Al-Assad who was the bulwark against Takfirist jihadism (without Bashar al-Assad, it must be known that this jihadism would have swept over Europe, in the Balkans, and in Africa, especially Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa, but also in West Africa, where Boko Haram, the great terrorist movement, has pledged allegiance to Daesh and is now called the Islamic State in West Africa. ). The third president is the president of Chad Idriss Deby Itno, whose army took the lead in the war against terrorism in Central Africa, in liaison with the Cameroonian army, on the borders of Niger and Nigeria, and that precisely prevented this jihadism precisely from overwhelming the entire Gulf of Guinea region.

Next to that, there is the American theater, which is made up of pretexts, means of interference, dangerous liaisons, with what I have called the « scenario of the devil » with the jihadists. It was again seen with the abortive attempt to establish a large air base in eastern Ghouta near Damascus, which is the last area under the jihadist terrorist control, those of Jabbat al-Nusra precisely, formerly al- Qaida in Syria.

The second current example of this devil’s scenario is that the Turks, of course, in the battle of Afrin use as a ground troops a series of small jihadist groups, again small groups linked to Jabbat al-Nusra, or jihadist movements. of Turkish origin. Ankara’s full collaboration with these groups is a reality, it has existed since the beginning of the operations of this civil war imported by the Westerners in 2011.

Last current example is Paris! Paris who receives at the National Assembly and who receives by a Macron advisor people from the NGO called « white helmets », which are in fact a structure sponsored once again by the British secret services, legal windows of the CIA and the networks of George Sorös. The creation of the white helmets is the fact of a former British mercenary linked to MI6 and installed in Dubai. But that’s not all, the investigations, which were conducted by the Russian and Iranian press on the ground, demonstrated that these « white helmets » were in fact a media coverage, a politico-mediatic sex mask of the Jabbat al -Nosra. They are in the same areas, they participate in the same propaganda operations. The Western propaganda apparatus, which denounces the « fakenews », while it is a machine to produce them, has made these « white helmets » a kind of Hollywood hero, has dedicated films to them, has given these Oscar films. They are purely and simply auxiliaries of Jabbat al-Nusra! And besides, their staffs show that they are « white helmets » during the day and jihadists at night, there are thousands of photos and videos on social networks to demonstrate it.

* SITA / Question:

So I come to your question of dormant cells in the Balkans. This is a general and serious problem. It must be known that the Balkans saw the birth of this European jihadism, precisely during the « wars of Yugoslavia », those of Bosnia and then of Kosovo. When the Americans with NATO, but also with the complicity of Mitterrand France, the Vatican and Germany, launched the wars of Yugoslavia (or the Balkans) to explode what was left of the second Yugoslavia of Tito, then the third residual Yugoslavia of Milosevic. Well, they will use in Bosnia, and then in Kosovo, which was so successful in Afghanistan: the use of jihadist terrorism. The Bosnian war is going to be the « second Afghanistan ».

What is the war purpose of Americans in all this? The liquidation of Yugoslavia is the continuation of the liquidation of the Soviet Union, achieved by the American victory at the end of the cold war. Operation that continues today, since the goal is the dismemberment of the Russian Federation. And the Americans are directly behind these Wahhabi takfirist terrorists, who bloody Chechnya, Dagestan and the Russian Caucasus. And that Putin has opposed since the late 90s. In the Balkans 1991-2000, it was to liquidate Yugoslavia, to liquidate a geopolitical set that was considered by the Americans as Orthodox and bound to the Russian Orthodoxy. And we have seen the main enemy of communism become the main orthodox enemy. This was the opinion of Zbignew Brzezinski, who said in the early 90s that « now the main enemy of the US, it was Orthodoxy »! The liquidation of Yugoslavia was part of this plan which is the liquidation of Russia as a continental state, opposed to the world domination of the American thalassocracy.

The Bosnian war was a continuation of that of Afghanistan. What happened in Bosnia? We saw the jihadists who arrived precisely from Afghanistan, especially those of bin Laden, we saw Pakistanis and Saudi men intervene. It should be known that there are two godfathers to takfirist jihadism. There is one everyone knows, Saudi Wahhabism, but there are powerful Wahhabi officers who control the Pakistani army and the Pakistani secret service, the ISI.

All this comes from the years of the fundamentalist Islamist dictatorship of Marshal Zia in Pakistan. There is also an interesting geopolitical phenomenon: two wings are opposed to Pakistan. A wing that was formerly favorable to the United States, pro-Western, made of civilians and some of the officers and which turns today to Beijing and Moscow, and which following the hostile attitude of Trump, but turns to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (this great geopolitical block opposite to the United States). And there is still a wing of fundamentalist officers: the Pakistanis played a big role in the expansion of jihadism, since it is they, for example, who brought to Africa, via the Pakistani officers and non-commissioned officers of the Blue Helmets. brought to Africa, the first fundamentalist Mosques, the first radical Madrasas, which established the first political cells and especially the networks of financing via so-called Islamic foundations.

From then on, the Bosnian war saw the development of this first European jihadism, and when Yugoslavia lost the war, when, following the Dayton Accords, Yugoslavia fell back to two remaining states, Serbia and Montenegro, and these people were no longer useful. It was the first jihadist break with the Americans and we saw them go to Africa, to Somalia, to Sudan, etc. But the case did not stop there! Because the wars of Yugoslavia continued: it was necessary for the Americans to break the last Yugoslavia the third … The first was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in the 20s and 30s, to which the Nazis ended in 1941; The second, so from 1943-45 is that of Tito, communist. And the third from 1991-92 the residual Yugoslavia of Milosevic. Within this residual Yugoslav Federation there were therefore two states, Serbia and Montenegro, and autonomous regions, the Sandjak (which is an Islamized population dating from the Ottoman era), the Vojvodina where there are Hungarian populations , and Kosovo where the majority had become over the years and mistakes of the policy of Tito, it must be said, with Albanian majority.

The Americans at the same time had seized Albania on the ruins of the communist regime of Enver Hoxha, they had established a collaboration with mafia networks (which are still in place and which control the Albanian state or the current puppet state of Kosovo), with a terrorist movement with an Islamist component that was the KLA, and with all these fundamentalist circles also linked to the politics of Ryad and Islamabad. So there was use of this KLA terrorism, so we created an insurgency situation in Kosovo that was turned into a humanitarian crisis by the bombing of NATO and the Western media propaganda that frightened the people.

NATO intervened, it bombed Belgrade! This has been of great benefit to the Americans, since the European Union has shot itself in the foot, Europe being based until then on the fundamental « more war between Europeans ». Well, we saw the European member states of NATO, including France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Belgium, going to bomb for the first time since 1945 a European capital, Belgrade.

Kosovo was lost, NATO seized it and did not establish an independent European state, but a protectorate, there had already been in Bosnia. Protectorate of NATO which led in 2008 in defiance of international laws to the unilateral declaration of independence, which violates the sovereignty of Belgrade! Even all the states of the European Union have not recognized Kosovo, including of course Spain and the countries that have independent minorities on their soil. And of course not Russia Today more than 60 United Nations states do not recognize Kosovo. Kosovo is a kind of Bantustan, as South Africans had done during the last years of apartheid, it is a non-state bankrupt economically, ideologically bankrupt, politically flawed. Especially in the city of Mitrovica, a Serbian minority continues to resist, discriminated against by the Islamist wave. It is a state that has no army since it is NATO that ensures it. It is this « state » whose so-called « ten years of independence » is celebrated.

The aim of the American war was to establish their main military base there, in what is called the « military triangle of the Apennines and the Balkans »: so it is the « Camp Bondseel » (named after a veteran of the US Army in Vietnam), the second base of the US Army in Europe after Rammstein in Germany (which is the heart of the US Armed Forces in Europe, but also in Africa since Africom is headquartered there) . And this Camp Bondseel distributes all US logistics to the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Central Asia, Middle and Near East. We can better understand the geopolitical utility of Kosovo.

* SITA / Question:

So let’s go back to the jihadist issues of the Balkans. Today, Bosnia and Kosovo are two mafia-type states, where the ideological hold of the Saudi and Pakistani wahhabis is immense, where we see mosques of the Saudi type and not at all of the classical Balkan type, as they have existed for five centuries in the former Ottoman Empire. In these states, which are experiencing massive unemployment and experiencing immense social inequality, there is a terrain for jihadism.

Some sorcerer’s apprentices continue to want to mess with fundamentalists. There was again this week a free forum in « La Libre Belgique » (the leading Brussels daily newspaper) made by a naive Belgian professor, who said « that the way to prevent precisely jihadism and terrorism from to develop in the Balkans and in Bosnia would be to bring them into the European Union « . This is obviously and always the « scenario of the devil », it is always believe more clever than these reactionary forces and especially the American Western power, which is lurking behind them.

The « dormant cells of the Balkans » will be, together with women linked to jihadist terrorism, the major challenges in the EU of tomorrow. As we see the « scenario of the devil » continues full time in Europe, it will have the same consequences it has already had, blood and tears, which will be paid cash by Europeans.

We have had a direct example of this, to conclude, with the case of England, this famous Londonistan. Since during the last attacks in Birmingham, we saw jihadist militants who had been helped by secret services MI5 and MI6. Birmingham precisely, which was the second point of « Londonistan ». These radical Islamists, who had been taken in hand to fight the Libyan Jamahiriya of Gaddafi, had been extremely active in the so-called « Arab Spring » in Libya. Well, they ended up turning around, biting the safe hand that fed them. This is what has been happening for many years all over Europe …

Written presentation of the Audio Interview of Geopolitician Luc MICHEL (Administrator-General of EODE) granted in Brussels on 22 February 2018.

(Interview by Jan VANZEEBROECK, EODE Expert and correspondent for SITA INSTITUTE, and Samar Radwan, Beirut)

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* NOTE 1
The Belgian (Flemish) daily newspaper De Morgen already wrote in December 2022: “Michel will now act as a geopolitical entrepreneur to enlarge the Russian sphere of influence in Africa: “a group of independent entrepreneurs, we have invented the concept of hybrid warfare. We work with Russia, but we don’t pay for security services. A hybrid war feeds on different ways: military, diplomatic and communication. I do the latter. “And then there is the Belgian, the activist Luc Michel, with whom it all started. He, together with the ideologue Jean Thiriart (…) with the organization of the elections, shaped the instruments of the reconquest of the Soviet empire and created a space, from Lisbon to Vladivostok”. Michel is delighted with the results of the last referendums in the People’s Republics of Luhansk, Donetsk,

* NOTE 2
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Esquisse de la guerre hybride. L’action de Luc Michel en tant qu’ ‘entrepreneur géopolitique indépendant’

* NOTE 3
Une précision. Les politologues sérieux, pas les flics de la pensée politique des Universités franco-belges (qui sont souvent des flics tout court, correspondant des polices politiques), classent dans une même catégorie, qu’ils nomment le « National-communisme », des mouvements politiques comme le KPRF russe, le régime de LUKASHENKO au Belarus ou encore le SPS de MILOSEVIC ou la JUL, la « Gauche Unie Yougoslave » de Mirjana MARKOVIC. ET bien entendu notre PCN, qui idéologiquement et politiquement, les a tous précédé de presque une décennie. Lorsque nous étions représentés au Parlement Wallon, en Belgique, dans les Années 1996-98, la questure nous avait étiquetés «national-communistes» (le FN y était étiqueté « extrême-droite »). En 1996-98, nous avions des élus, dont un député, au Parlement Wallon, au Parlement de la Communauté française de Belgique et de 1996 au 1999 au Conseil provincial du Hainaut.

* NOTE 4
« Une tentative du même M. THIRIART (la Jeune-Europe des années 60) a essuyé un échec. Au début des années 80 ses adhérents ont fait une nouvelle tentative: le PCN a été fondé en Belgique (…) Le parti des adhérents de M. THIRIART c’est quelque chose dans le genre de l’Internationale de Marx (…) (A. IVANOV dans ROUSSKI VESTNIK, « Les idées de Jean Thiriart: un commentaire nécessaire », Moscou, septembre 1992).