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“These critics of France’s neo-imperial military interventionism may further state that that country’s decision to end its counterterrorism operations in Mali has a hidden, not to say cynical, political motive. As we are in a French presidential election year, President Macron, who is seeking a second term, may have acted out of sheer political opportunism (…)
One cannot help wondering just how much the Russian state itself is involved in the new military operational arrangement Mali’s military authorities seem so desirous of putting in place. Indeed, what does Putin’s Russia stand to benefit from it all? A specifically post-Soviet Russia’s sphere of influence in West Africa? In that case, where then are Mali’s independence and sovereignty?
As it happens, Russian fighters are currently operating openly or covertly in such other African theatres of war as the Central African Republic and Libya. These operations may not be unconnected with a Kremlin strategic foreign policy objective, namely, making Russia a countervailing force in world affairs – a bulwark against NATO‘s geopolitical ambitions, agendas and actions. The current crisis in Ukraine comes readily to mind (…)
It is safe to assume that ECOWAS and the French political leadership strongly disapprove of what is to all intents and purposes an interminable period of transition. Naturally, ECOWAS, France and other European countries involved in the war against jihadism are not seen by the junta as people they can do business with (…)”

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Du 2 au7 février 2023, attaque massive internationale de l’OTAN contre le géopoliticien Luc Michel et ses réseaux pro-russes de la ‘Russosphère’ : plus de 50 articles en 15 langues, émissions TV, « rapports » bidons …

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« Luc Michel, tsar de la propagande russe en Afrique » (Euractiv, France) et « un des plus grands propagandistes du Kremlin en Afrique » (TéléMoustique, Belqique), disent les médias de l’OTAN : “A large social network that promotes anti-Western and pro-Kremlin ideas is helping Russia expand its influence at the expense of France in some of its former colonies in Africa. Called Russosphère (Russian Sphere), typical posts accuse France of modern-day « colonialism », eulogise Vladimir Putin, and call the Ukrainian army « Nazis » (…) Experts say that such misinformation drives mistrust between African nations and the West, and contributes to a lack of support for Ukraine on the continent (…) the surprising figure behind it: a 65-year-old Belgian politician…” (BBC, 02 2023).

* NOTE 3
The Belgian (Flemish) daily newspaper De Morgen already wrote in December 2022: “Michel will now act as a geopolitical entrepreneur to enlarge the Russian sphere of influence in Africa: “a group of independent entrepreneurs, we have invented the concept of hybrid warfare. We work with Russia, but we don’t pay for security services. A hybrid war feeds on different ways: military, diplomatic and communication. I do the latter. “And then there is the Belgian, the activist Luc Michel, with whom it all started. He, together with the ideologue Jean Thiriart (…) with the organization of the elections, shaped the instruments of the reconquest of the Soviet empire and created a space, from Lisbon to Vladivostok”. Michel is delighted with the results of the last referendums in the People’s Republics of Luhansk, Donetsk,

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Esquisse de la guerre hybride. L’action de Luc Michel en tant qu’ ‘entrepreneur géopolitique indépendant’