2023 07 07

In Niger, France, a former colonial power and unfailing supporter of President Bazoum, appears to be the privileged target of the soldiers who overthrew him.

They accused her on Monday of wantingintervene militarily“, which denied the head of French diplomacy, Catherine Colonna.

Monday evening, Ouagadougou and Bamako affirmed that any military intervention to restore Mohamed Bazoum would be considered “like a declaration of warto their two countries andwould lead to a withdrawal of Burkina Faso and Mali from ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), as well as the adoption of self-defense measures in support of the armed forces and the people of Niger».

They added, in a joint statement, that they « refuse to apply » them « illegal, illegitimate and inhuman sanctions against the people and the authorities of Niger decided by ECOWAS in Abuja».

In a separate statement, Guinea, whose government also emerged from a coup, « expresses its disagreement with the sanctions advocated by ECOWAS, including military intervention » and « has decided not to apply these sanctions which it considers illegitimate and inhumane ». Conakry “urges ECOWAS to reconsider its position».

In Niamey, hundreds of people gathered in front of the seat of the National Assembly, noted the correspondent ofAnadolu.

“Long live the Nigerien army”, “Down with France”… These were, among other things, the slogans chanted by the demonstrators who also called on the military to take the time necessary to organize new elections.

Barkhane, MINUSMA, ECOWAS and all other foreign and interventionist institutions must pack up, the colonialist era is over.

Luc Michel, geopolitician, and Imadeddin Hamrouni, political analyst, speak on the subject.